What Is CUBA Like TODAY 🇨🇺 (2023)


Mysterious to many, there is an island surrounded by paradisiacal Caribbean beaches. A nation of captivating beauty and exotic allure called CUBA. Join me as we embark on a journey to uncover the hidden gems of its capital city: La Habana Vieja or Havana City. Immerse yourself in the charm and history of this vibrant city with our newly narrated 4K city walking tour, brought to you by Wanna Walk.

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Cuba is known for its rich history, culture, and colorful architecture. The country has undergone significant political and economic changes in the last few decades, and its impact is evident in the daily lives of Cubans. Today we will explore life in Cuba today and provide insights into the country's current situation.

Life in Cuba Today
How Is Life in CUBA Today
This Happens in Real CUBA

Cuba is a country of contradictions. On one hand, the country has made significant strides in healthcare and education, with literacy rates at 100% and healthcare services provided free of charge to all citizens. On the other hand, the country faces significant economic challenges, with a significant portion of the population living in poverty.

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The Cuban government has implemented various policies to mitigate the impact of economic challenges on its citizens. For example, the country operates a dual currency system. The CUC is primarily used in the tourist sector, while the CUP is used by locals for basic goods and services. However, this system has led to inequality in the distribution of wealth, with those working in the tourist sector receiving higher wages than those in other sectors.

What Is CUBA Like Today? Life in Cuba today is characterized by a sense of community and togetherness. Despite the economic challenges, Cubans are known for their resilience and resourcefulness. The country has a rich culture and is home to world-renowned artists, musicians, and writers.

This Happens in real Cuba: In real Cuba, the country's rich culture and history are evident in the daily lives of its citizens. The country is known for its vibrant music and dance scene, with salsa and rumba music playing in the streets. Life in Cuba today is characterized by a sense of community, resilience, and resourcefulness. What Is CUBA Like Today? 🇨🇺

Is Cuba okay right now?
What is it like living in Cuba?
What nobody tells about life in Cuba
What is the state of Cuba today?

Havana City what to do in the Capital City of Cuba? This is the multicultural centre of Cuba. They has a pink palace, great museums and some kind of old fashioned charm that we don't see often in Europe or the US. Be sure to watch the fading baroque buildings, painted in tropical yellows and reds. This city has centuries of history. It showcase an interesting colonial atmosphere, beautiful modern skyscrapers. Havana Cuba Walking Tour including street food. Locals likes to say: Asi es 'Cuba hoy' this is 'Cuba today'.

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Welcome to Havana, Cuba 🇨🇺 Today is Friday, February, 24, 2023 and the time it's 11:45 AM, As usual in Havana, weather is hot and very humid: 86.9°F or 32° C ☀️ Wanna walk? Let's explore what is living in Cuba today! Join me on a walk around Havana City, across the non touristic zones that the tourist rarely dare to visit! Havana, from being one of the most elegant and glamorous cities in America before 1959, become a city in ruins.


We will see how most buildings are in collapse or already collapsed and which serve as a public bathroom for those in need.

This is the REAL Havana City, beyond the colorful walls that usually the media, Instagram and Tik Tok loves to show..

Cuba has a population of 11.2 million people and Havana has about 2.1 million, and this makes it not only the largest city in Cuba, but also of the whole Caribbean.

This is not just a just a neighborhood.

Except for the tourist circuit and luxury resorts.

The whole country looks like this.


You been in Cuba? What's, your Havana story? Share, your experience in the comments.

I reply to all.

So don't be shy and say: something! Since, the revolution, the U.S.

trade embargo has limited Cuba's access to international credit markets and foreign investment.

Cuban government controls most aspects of the economy, including wages and prices, which has led to low productivity and low wages.

There is little private, enterprise, and entrepreneurs face endless restrictions and bureaucratic hurdles.

Brain drain is a significant issue, as many skilled workers have left the country in search of better opportunities.

What is the first thing you think of when you hear 'cuba'? Before, the 1958 revolution, Cuba was one of the most prosperous places in the world, and quality of life exceeded nations like Spain, Japan or Australia.

Today, things are a little bit, different.

The official language is Spanish and the currency is the Cuban peso.

Basic salary.

Here it's only U$ 17 a month.

Yes, a month! If.

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So more people can discover this country.

Would you like to visit Cuba? Would, you walk.

These streets? What makes you curious about this.

Country? Some people blames the US blockade to justify Cuba's problems.


The true is that there is NOT a blockade.

Cuba can trade with any country except the US.

In fact, Canada, UK, Netherlands, France, Spain, Brazil, Argentina and China are Cuban investors these days, I'm not saying this is right or wrong, I'm, just explaining how things are and I would love to hear your point of view in the comments.

Let's enjoy some beautiful Cuban music 🎵 This song, it's called 'chan Chan' and it was composed by the Cuban singer.

Compay Segundo Cuba is affordable for tourists, compared to other Caribbean destinations.

The heaviest rain usually falls in September and October, but temperature remains warm and humid.

During this time.

Cuba is one of the few places in the world where you feel like you are in another era.

Tourists are drawn by perfect winter weather and more than 300 white sandy beaches lapped by turquoise seas, ⛱️ A, taxi from the airport to centre of old town will cost you about U$, 25 - but be sure to ask before.

Everything is negotiable in Cuba, U.S.

credit and debit cards do NOT work in Cuba, You should bring U.S.

dollars or Euros in cash to Cuba and exchange them for Cuban Pesos at authorized, banks, airports or hotels.

If you are good at negotiating, the taxi drivers will give you the best exchange.


This is not legal, but everyone does it! Life in Cuba means living with constant blackouts that usually last 12 hours, a day.

So, is Cuba safe for tourists? Yes.

The only problem is petty crimes like pickpocketing, money, scams., Common, sense and you'll.

Be fine Do.

You like this song? It is one of my favorites and these artists.

Do it very well!, The song says in Spanish: From Alto Cedro I go to Marcané, I arrive at Cueto, I go to Mayarí.

Cuba is a much-loved destination for travelers, family, vacationers, retired couples, and students.

Looking for good times in the sun, Bravo! Beautiful song and excellent artists! Thank you!! 🥹 There is only one political party in Cuba.

You can vote for whoever you want.

As long as the only existing candidate 🥴 The country has a large number of well-trained doctors and nurses, and has also exported medical personnel to other countries in need.

Cuba can be quite a curious.


We can easily proclaim that it is one of the most unique and interesting countries in the American continent.

As Cuba is a long-suffering nation.

Isolated from the world, I have generated a unique personality in its inhabitants..

Cuba has a strong education and healthcare system., Both free to all citizens.

I'm, not talking about its quality, just the way it works.


The capital.

City, is known for its lively music, scene, vintage cars, and vibrant street life.

Locals are friendly and curious about you.

Everything in Cuba belongs to the government, so Cubans, don't pay taxes, rent or mortgages.

Housing and basic food is also provided by the government In recent years.

Some reforms have been made to the Cuban model, but, as you can see, they are still not enough.


Do you think? This place is an 'agro' where the government sale basic foods.

There are no stores here, as you know them in your country.

The cheapest time to visit.

Cuba is between May and September, which is Cuba’s wettest season.

These 5+ hours queues are to receive a small ration of food, and the government tells you what day it is your turn.


Do you think about Cuba? Would you like to live? Here? Can U.S.

citizens travel to Cuba? Yes, but you need to go from Canada or Mexico.

Cuba has a rich architectural history, with numerous grand colonial-era buildings now converted into hotels, If you come to Cuba, don't forget to bring toothpaste, shampoo, razors, etc.


That is hard to get in Cuba The island is home to numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the historic city of Trinidad, and the Vinales Valley I.

Invite you to look later on YouTube for what Cuba was like before the revolution.

You'll be surprised..

Cuba has a diverse ecosystem, with a wide variety of plant and animal species, many of which are found nowhere else in the world.

Don't ask me how I know, but Tinder and similar apps are blocked in Cuba.


It's easy to make new friends here, ❤️ Be sure to like, comment and subscribe to Wanna Walk 🙂 This is another 'agro' store.


All the stores in Cuba are like this.

Not much to buy except vegetables and meat Have.

You noticed that the meat is without a refrigerator, under the tropical sun, the whole day? Don't drink, the local tap water, which can lead to stomach upset.

There are many others Cuba videos on the channel., Be sure to check them.

Later! Cuba is home to over 400 species of birds, many of which are found nowhere else in the world If.

You want to have some fun, consider visiting El, Floridita, Bar and La Bodeguita del Medio, some of the country’s favorite clubs.

There are more videos on the channel: Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, US, Spain, UK, Morocco, Portugal, Paraguay and more.

Check them later!.

Follow me on Facebook and Instagram: @WannaWalk.YouTube Cuba can be safe for women travelers, but verbal harassment, it's common:, ignore it to prevent any physical altercations Eating out in Cuba as tourist is affordable, with prices ranging from U$ 3 for street food to U$ 12 for a meal in a mid-range restaurant Eating at a high-end, restaurant or hotel can be more expensive, with prices ranging from $20-30 per meal.

Prices for activities and excursions in Cuba can vary.

For example, a guided tour of a city or historic site can cost around $20 If.

You are a cigar lover, ensure that you get issued a valid certificate of authenticity for every Cuban cigar.

You purchase Prices for souvenirs and other items in Cuba can vary too, but they are usually cheap.

Handmade crafts, cigars, and rum can be relatively affordable, with prices ranging from U$5-20 Public transportation in Cuba is cheap: from $0.50-1.50 - Taxis can be more expensive and Uber doesn’t exit, here.

Consider buying and applying a good mosquito repellent, while in Cuba.

You, won't find it here, buy it in your country.

🦟 The, lack of commercialization and Western influence in Cuba provides a refreshing break from typical tourist destinations.

Cuba’s safest places to visit include Havana, Camaguey, Santiago de Cuba, Holguin, and Guantanamo.

Cuba has a bad reputation when it comes to its road, standards., Inadequate, lighting, potholes, and irregular road maintenance.


There is an embargo in Cuba? In, the early '60s, Castro nationalized american businesses in Cuba, taking them over without compensating their owners.

This is another 'agro'.

As you can see.

Unless you have dollars, there is not much to buy in Cuba I recommend you.

A restaurant called 'los Nardos', at two blocks from Capitolio.Try the 'fish Canciller'', a fresh fish fillet stuffed with ham and cheese and breaded.

You'll love, it!, Is, Coca Cola served in Cuba?, No!, Most, Cubans, simply drink water or locally produced soft drinks.One.

It's called' 'tu Cola' and the taste it's weird 😂 Cuba has a tropical climate, with warm temperatures and high humidity year-round Although.

The people of Cuba are known as “Cubans”.

Those who live in Havana are known as “Habaneros”.

Cuba is a mandatory destination in the Caribbean and for those who especially enjoy capitals full of culture and history, Havana is a stronghold If.

You ever visit to Cuba, try to get out of the tourist zone and explore a bit! Talk to the locals.

Look, ask, make friends, enjoy.

How long.

Can foreigners stay in Cuba? The typical green tourist cards issued to holiday makers.

Visiting Cuba allows them to stay in the country for 30, days., Be sure to subscribe to Wanna Walk.

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😀 Only 3.5% of the population have a car in Cuba (compared to about 81% in the US).

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You can send a 'super, thanks' or use PayPal @WannaWalk The world’s smallest bird lives in Cuba In, the natural world:, the Bee Hummingbird is just 5 cm long and weighs only 1.7 grams! Until 2008, the ownership of mobile telephones was banned in Cuba.

I have seen many shops, with absolutely nothing to sell and many employees just waiting.

The majority of Cubans rarely speak openly about the reality of their country..

I must say that they are usually friendly and I was invited.

Many times to dinner at their houses by people.

I knew a few minutes.


How is the personality of Cubans? Extraversion, ease for human relationships, joy, intelligence, vivacity and sense of humor are some of their main characteristic.

What do Cubans like the most? Cubans really enjoy chatting, friends and dancing.

Cuban man like uninhibited women, character, makes them fall in love more than physical beauty.


Must you have to like a Cuban woman? Cuban woman can be complicated., They love to be loved, but they only love.

Those who love themselves.

Cuba is a difficult country, and girls prefer a man of solutions.


You can be the one.

She can trust to get her out of any sticky situation.

You will have her heart.

I bought this guy fruits.

Many times.

Great quality! He is Ernesto 'che' Guevara., A, symbol of the ideal of the revolution.

He was born in Argentina in 1928.

I'm sure you saw his face on thousands of t-shirts.

Fidel Castro was born on his father's prosperous 25,000 acre and 400.

Employee sugar plantation in August, 13, 1926 Forbes magazine, says Fidel Castro was richer than Queen Elizabeth II, with about U$ 900.000.000 fortune.

Not bad 😅, Castro, always denied.

Having said fortune.

What, do you think? Fidel Castro had 7 brothers.

Graduated in Law in 1950, Fidel Castro worked as a lawyer until 1952 and defended humble people, before launching into politics.

Fidel Castro had a certain obsession with dairy products.

During Fidel, Castro's term, the United States knew 9 different presidents Castro banned the board game 'monopoly' for considering it contrary to Cuban values.

Fidel Castro holds the Guinness Record for the longest speech.

4 hours, in front of the UN Fidel Castro was the son of a Spanish immigrant, Fidel, Castro, loved baseball and golf Fidel Castro and Diego Maradona.

The Argentine soccer star, maintained a close friendship for years.

Arnaldo Tamayo Méndez was the first cosmonaut to travel to space in all of Latin America, by means of a Soviet rocket.

The smallest amphibian in the world is Cubano.

It's a little frog smaller than a fingernail! Cuba was the second country to broadcast color television (after, the United States) Cuba has the oldest vehicle fleet in the world.

Cuba is the Latin American country, with the most Olympic medals, Havana was French for 24 hours in 1537 I hope you have enjoyed this video.

Exploring the non-touristy streets of Havana, Cuba.

There are more Cuba videos on the channel, Please like, comment and subcribe to the channel! Instagram and Facebook: @WannaWalk.YouTube Thank you for joining me today.



What is the status of Cuba today? ›

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. Cuba is an authoritarian state. The 2019 constitution codifies that Cuba remains a one-party system in which the Communist Party is the only legal political party. In national elections held in October 2019, Miguel Díaz-Canel was declared the winner of the role for president.

Is Cuba okay now? ›

In the modern era, Cuba is considered to be a safe place to visit. This is due largely thanks to its widespread policing efforts, coupled with its strict laws. Having said that, full safety it's never 100% guaranteed and it's important to be cautious while visiting Cuba for small crimes and tourist scams.

What is Cuba like in 2023? ›

What is it like to travel to Cuba in 2023? Cuba is still as beautiful, welcoming, and unique as ever, but a deepening economic crisis is having a devastating effect on the country and its people. Additionally, increasing connectivity is rapidly altering the social and political landscape.

What is the current situation between US and Cuba? ›


The United States pursues limited engagement with Cuba that advances our national interests and empowers the Cuban people while restricting economic practices that disproportionately benefit the Cuban government or its military, intelligence, or security agencies at the expense of the Cuban people.

Is Cuba open to US citizens now? ›

It's perfectly legal for Americans to travel to Cuba, except for explicit tourism purposes. However, you will need to meet some requirements. Specifically, you need a Cuban Tourist Card (a.k.a Cuban Visa), travel insurance, and a self-certification under one of the 12 travel categories of authorized travel to Cuba.

What are issues in Cuba? ›

Significant human rights issues included credible reports of: unlawful or arbitrary killings, including extrajudicial killings, by the government; forced disappearance by the government; torture and cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment of political dissidents, detainees, and prisoners by security forces; harsh and ...

Is Cuba safe to travel 2023? ›

OVERALL RISK : MEDIUM. Cuba is, for the most part, a safe country to visit, though it's not without its dangers. You should be vigilant and take all possible precaution measures in order to minimize the risk of getting stolen from.

Is Cuba still closed? ›

If you are asking yourself "Can I travel to Cuba?"—the short answer is yes! However, there are a few minor hoops to jump through that apply only to Americans. US restrictions for Cuba only allow travel under certain authorized categories and prohibit financial support for certain Cuban businesses.

Is Cuba still hostile to the US? ›

Cuba and the United States restored diplomatic relations on July 20, 2015, after relations had been severed in 1961 during the Cold War. U.S. diplomatic representation in Cuba is handled by the United States Embassy in Havana, and there is a similar Cuban Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Where can Americans stay in Cuba? ›

Where to stay in Cuba. American citizens are not currently allowed to stay in Cuba's government-run hotels or use most state-owned enterprises. Instead, it's best to opt for private accommodation such as apartments, B&Bs and homestays (known in Cuba as casas particulares).

Are Americans allowed in Cuba 2023? ›

Yes! Travel to Cuba in 2023 is still possible for Americans who wish to travel independently, without being part of a big, expensive tour group. You just need to pay attention to the rules. Americans are allowed to travel to Cuba under 12 different categories that reflect the activities travelers will do while in Cuba.

Can you use your phone in Cuba? ›

Your U.S. mobile phone will work in Cuba if your mobile phone is capable of roaming in Cuba and your mobile service provider has an international roaming agreement with ETECSA, Cuba's state-owned telecommunications provider. AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile currently have roaming agreements with ETECSA.

What is Biden doing about Cuba? ›

Since May, the Biden administration has reversed some Trump-era policies on Cuba –including resuming flights as well as facilitating family reunification and remittances– and restored engagement on select issues, particularly migration.

Why can't US citizens enter Cuba? ›

The U.S. government doesn't allow American citizens to Cuba as tourists and do absolutely anything their heart desires – but the U.S. government allows American citizens to travel to Cuba as long as they agree to only support local, non-government-owned businesses with their tourism dollars while there.

Are Cubans allowed to leave Cuba? ›

As of January 14, 2013, all Cuban government-imposed travel restrictions and controls have been abolished. Since that date, any Cuban citizen, with a valid passport, can leave the country at will, without let or hindrance from the Cuban authorities.

Can Mexicans visit Cuba? ›

Cuba visa for the citizens of Mexico – the requirements

The Cuba visa has a set of simple requirements. They are easy to meet, and you should have no issues in checking things off the list. The first thing you need is a passport. After that, you just fill in an application form, and iVisa will handle the rest.

What items are hard to get in Cuba? ›

What gifts to bring for the Cuban people? Any gift for the Cuban people you bring will usually be appreciated as there are shortages of pretty much everything you could imagine. However, there are three main things that are extremely hard to come by in Cuba: medicine, clothing, and toiletries.

Is it cheap to go to Cuba? ›

The price of high-end hotels is similar to those in other expensive destinations. However, Cuba is generally affordable, especially if you book all-inclusive vacation packages from countries other than the US. It can get even cheaper if you stay in casas particulares, eat at paladares, and share taxis.

Does Cuba have free healthcare? ›

The Cuban government operates a national health system and assumes fiscal and administrative responsibility for the health care of all its citizens. All healthcare in Cuba is free to Cuban residents. There are no private hospitals or clinics as all health services are government-run.

Is there still Corruption in Cuba? ›

Transparency International's 2021 Corruption Perceptions Index gave Cuba a score of 46/100, where 0 indicates that a country is very corrupt and 100 indicates that it is very clean.

Is Cuba communist in 2023? ›

Overview. Cuba's one-party communist state outlaws political pluralism, bans independent media, suppresses dissent, and severely restricts basic civil liberties.

Is it safe to travel to Cuba as an American? ›

Can you travel to Cuba with an American passport? Yes!

Is Havana safe at night? ›

Take care in central Havana at night. Use a taxi rather than walk, even if you're only a few blocks away from your destination. There have been attacks on foreigners in hire cars after their tyres have been deliberately punctured. If you get a puncture in a remote area, drive on to a town before stopping.

Can a US citizen vacation in Cuba? ›

Yes, Americans can travel to Cuba. Americans can easily get a Cuban travel visa, and you can even fly to Cuba from the United States. The process is a lot easier than you might think.

What is not allowed in Cuba? ›

It's prohibited to bring into the country: narcotics, explosives, pornography, any item (including literature) intended to be used against the national security, animals and plants regulated under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, GPS, cordless phones (for the ...

Why not travel to Cuba now? ›

Exercise increased caution in Cuba due to crime. Country Summary: Petty crime is a threat for tourists in Cuba. Also, violent crime, including armed robbery, homicide, and sexual assault, sometimes occurs in Cuba.

Do you have to wear masks in Cuba? ›

Travel in Cuba

On 19 July 2022, the Government reintroduced the compulsory use of face masks on public transport, in healthcare settings and medical facilities, as well as for people with respiratory symptoms.

Who are Cuba's allies? ›

Currently, Cuba has diplomatically friendly relationships with Presidents Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela and Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua, with Maduro as perhaps the country's staunchest ally in the post-Soviet era.

Why was the US afraid of Cuba? ›

Cuba's alliance with the Soviet Union was the main reason the United States viewed Castro as a security threat–a fear that was arguably vindicated during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

Is Cuba still a communist? ›

Cuba is one of a few extant Marxist–Leninist one-party socialist states, in which the role of the vanguard Communist Party is enshrined in the Constitution. Cuba has an authoritarian regime where political opposition is not permitted.

Can Americans buy property in Cuba? ›

Buying property in Cuba

Foreign ownership of real estate is extremely restricted. There are three ways for foreigners to buy property in Cuba. They can marry a Cuban; they can buy in the name of a Cuban relative; or they can purchase from another foreigner.

Can Americans go to beach in Cuba? ›

Beach Access is Limited

At this time, Americans are not allowed to travel to Cuba and spend leisure time on a beach at a government owned resort. Although we do offer legal beach visits, Cuba should not be considered for travelers interested in a beach vacation.

Can US citizens go to beaches in Cuba? ›

Visiting Cuba From the U.S.

With that said, there are plenty of reasons why Cuba, home to more than 400 white-sand beaches and over 3,500 miles of coastline, has remained a desirable destination for American travelers.

Is it safe to go to Havana? ›

If you're planning a trip to Havana, you may be wondering if you'd be safe during your stay there. The short answer is that Havana is generally considered a safe tourist destination. In fact, it's one of the safest countries in Latin America.

What cruise lines still go to Cuba? ›

Yes, cruise ships owned by non-American companies have been traveling to Cuba for years. The only cruise line currently calling at Cuban ports is Marella Cruises, a U.K.-owned company, formerly owned by Thomson, and sailing under the TUI brand.

Why does Cuba have old cars? ›

The reason behind this abundance of old-fashioned cars was due to the U.S. embargo in 1962, which prohibits any exportation and importation or commerce between the U.S. and Cuba, including cars.

Can I drink the water in Cuba? ›

Can you drink Cuba Tap Water? As a visitor, no, it's not recommended to drink tap water in Cuba, unless you treat it. You can boil tap water (but you're on vacation…) or you can run it through a filter water bottle like this one with a two-stage carbon filter.

Does Netflix work in Cuba? ›

Netflix just launched in the unlikeliest of locales: Cuba, where less than 5% of the population has internet access and the streaming media company's subscription cost—$8 a month—is almost half of the average salary.

Is the internet free in Cuba? ›

On July 29, 2019, Cuba legalized private Wi-Fi in homes and businesses, although one must obtain a permit to have access. As of December 6, 2018, Cubans can have full mobile Internet access provided by Cuba's telecommunications company, ETECSA, at 3G speeds.

Do you need a passport to go to Cuba? ›

American visitors to Cuba require a valid passport. Cuba visitors require an entry visa. Purchase a Cuban Tourist Visa here. US credit and debit cards don't work in Cuba.

Who controls radio and TV in Cuba? ›

All Cuban media, including television, are tightly controlled and censored by the Cuban government led by the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC).

Is Cuba removed from State Sponsor of Terrorism? ›

Cuba was redesignated as a state sponsor of terrorism on January 12, 2021 in the twilight of the Trump presidency. President Obama's decision to remove Cuba from the list in 2015 represented an important step forward in his administration's efforts to forge a more constructive relationship with Cuba.

What is in Cuban food? ›

Most Cuban cooking relies on a few basic spices, such as garlic, cumin, oregano, and bay laurel leaves. Many dishes use a sofrito as their basis. Sofrito, used as the basis for seasoning in many dishes, consists of onion, green pepper, garlic, oregano, and ground pepper quick-fried in olive oil.

Why can't Americans go to Russia? ›

Do not travel to Russia due to the unpredictable consequences of the unprovoked full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian military forces, the potential for harassment and the singling out of U.S. citizens for detention by Russian government security officials, the arbitrary enforcement of local law, limited flights ...

Where are Americans not allowed to travel? ›

Learn about your destination
AdvisoryLevelDate Updated
Haiti Travel AdvisoryLevel 4: Do Not TravelMay 17, 2023
Honduras Travel AdvisoryLevel 3: Reconsider TravelMarch 1, 2023
India Travel AdvisoryLevel 2: Exercise Increased CautionJune 23, 2023
Indonesia Travel AdvisoryLevel 2: Exercise Increased CautionMay 2, 2023
145 more rows

What is the new law for Cuban immigrants 2023? ›

In response to the increase in maritime migration and interdictions, and to disincentivize migrants from attempting the dangerous journey to the United States by sea, DHS will make individuals who have been interdicted at sea after April 27, 2023 ineligible for the parole process for Cubans.

Is there a Internet in Cuba? ›

Fast forward to 2023 and you'll find that due to the high price of the Cubacel plans compared to the average salary of Cubans, having 3G or 4G access isn't possible for some. This is why a large portion of local Cubans rely on remittance from abroad to afford the relatively high costs of the Cubacel data plans.

Is it safe to live in Cuba? ›

While Cuba is regarded as one of the safest Caribbean countries, there is no doubt that there are safety issues. Most of Cuba's crimes target tourists who fall victim to petty crimes such as pickpocketing, theft, and scams.

Is Cuba still controlled by the US? ›

Under the Treaty of Paris, Cuba became a U.S. protectorate from 1898 to 1902; the U.S. gained a position of economic and political dominance over the island, which persisted after Cuba became formally independent in 1902. Following the Cuban Revolution of 1959, bilateral relations deteriorated substantially.

Does Cuba still have a communist government? ›

Organization. The PCC governs Cuba as an authoritarian one-party state where dissidence and political opposition are prohibited and repressed.

What is the news about traveling to Cuba? ›

Travelers can now enter Cuba freely without any testing or vaccinations. The current guidelines are simple. Americans may travel to Cuba without proof of vaccination and without a pre-travel COVID test. A Health Declaration Form is required.

How is Cuba's economy? ›

The economy of Cuba is a mixed command economy dominated by state-run enterprises. Most of the labor force is employed by the state. In the 1990s, the ruling Communist Party of Cuba encouraged the formation of worker co-operatives and self-employment.

Why can't Americans go to Cuba? ›

The U.S. government doesn't allow American citizens to Cuba as tourists and do absolutely anything their heart desires – but the U.S. government allows American citizens to travel to Cuba as long as they agree to only support local, non-government-owned businesses with their tourism dollars while there.

What part of Cuba does the US still own? ›

The United States assumed territorial control over the southern portion of Guantánamo Bay under the 1903 Lease. The United States exercises jurisdiction and control over this territory, while recognizing that Cuba retains ultimate sovereignty.

Can people leave Cuba? ›

As of January 14, 2013, all Cuban government-imposed travel restrictions and controls have been abolished. Since that date, any Cuban citizen, with a valid passport, can leave the country at will, without let or hindrance from the Cuban authorities.

What rights do people have in Cuba? ›

Cubans have a right to freedoms of expression and peaceful assembly under Cuba's constitution and as set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Cuban government must allow its people to freely express their hopes and aspirations, rather than rule through fear and intimidation.

Is Cuba still an ally of Russia? ›

After Vladimir Putin came to power in 2000, relations between both countries increased. In December 2000, Putin visited Cuba and he along with Fidel Castro called for the lifting of the embargo on Cuba. Russia is still Cuba's leading creditor and the two countries maintain close economic ties with each other.

Is Havana safe for solo female travelers? ›

Solo Female Travel in Cuba: What to Be Aware Of

Although Cuba has reasonably low violent crime rates, experiencing harassment while traveling alone here is pretty common. You can expect to be catcalled, beeped at, and asked personal questions about your relationship status or where you are staying.

Do cruise ships go to Cuba? ›

Can Cruise Ships Go to Cuba? Yes, cruise ships owned by non-American companies have been traveling to Cuba for years. The only cruise line currently calling at Cuban ports is Marella Cruises, a U.K.-owned company, formerly owned by Thomson, and sailing under the TUI brand.

What is the average wage in Cuba? ›

The minimum wage is set at 2,100 CUP (Cuban Pesos) per month. The average salary in Cuba is around 4,000 CUP per month (see Table 1 below). The average salary of health and professionals with higher education is around 6,000 CUP per month. The average retirement pension does not exceed 1,528 CUP per month.

Does Cuba have taxes? ›

Cuba does not have a VAT system. A sales tax (impuesto sobre la venta) applies to goods destined for use and/or consumption in Cuba. There is also an indirect tax levied on revenues (impuesto sobre los servicios) realized for rendering of services in Cuba.

Who controls Cuba now? ›

Miguel Díaz-Canel
Miguel Díaz Canel y Bermúdez
Assumed office 19 April 2021
Preceded byRaúl Castro
President of Cuba
26 more rows

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