Enhancing Laptop Cooling: Exploring Liquid Cooling Solutions (2023)

In the realm of high-performance laptops, the limitations of cooling systems are evident due to their compact dimensions. However, the quest for optimal cooling has led to innovative solutions, such as external liquid cooling for laptops. This article delves into the intricacies of this technology, its functionality, and the potential it holds for enhancing your laptop's thermal performance.

External Liquid Cooling for Laptops: Unveiling the Innovation

The concept of external liquid cooling for laptops is a relatively recent development, tailored for laptops equipped to support these external cooling systems. One notable solution in this domain is the XMG OASIS, introduced by XMG in early 2023. This external liquid cooling system is compatible with select XMG laptops, like the XMG NEO Series launched in the same year.

How It Works

Unlike traditional laptop cooling, external liquid cooling involves connecting a cooling system to the laptop through dedicated ports. The XMG OASIS, for instance, integrates fans, an aesthetically pleasing design with RGB LED lights, and a total weight of 1.3 kg. While not designed for portability, it proves valuable in desktop or office setups, preventing laptop overheating.

The XMG OASIS, with its adaptable fan speeds, efficiently lowers temperatures within the laptop. The fluid coolant flows from the external radiator and reservoir, where heat exchange occurs, through specialized pipes into the laptop's interior. This results in a substantial temperature reduction, addressing thermal challenges posed by high-performance components.

Performance Insights

In practical tests conducted on an XMG NEON laptop equipped with an Intel Core i9-13900HX CPU and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 GPU, both known for their high power demands, the impact was significant. For the CPU, temperatures dropped from 82ºC to 65ºC under a workload that initially raised it to 82ºC. Similarly, the GPU temperature decreased from 80ºC to 66ºC compared to traditional cooling methods.

Compatibility Considerations

It's crucial to note that not all laptops are compatible with external liquid cooling systems. The XMG OASIS, for instance, is specifically designed for XMG NEON laptops, featuring dedicated ports for connecting the coolant pipes. To prevent leaks, the tube adapters incorporate a secure locking system, ensuring a hassle-free and safe connection.

Alternatives for Non-Compatible Laptops

For laptops that don't support external liquid cooling, conventional cooling solutions are available:

1. Passive Laptop Stand

Investing in a passive laptop stand, like the Tokmali Aluminum Laptop Stand, offers a cost-effective solution. Elevating the laptop improves airflow, aiding in cooling, though it provides only a modest temperature reduction.

2. Active Cooling Stand

Opting for an active cooling stand, such as the TopMate C11 RGB Cooling Pad, enhances cooling by incorporating multiple fans. This upgraded version, with adjustable height and phone stand, further improves temperature control compared to passive stands.

3. Coupled or Suction Cooling

The KLIM Cool USB-powered cooler acts as an efficient suction fan, extracting hot air from the laptop. This smart cooling solution extends the laptop's lifespan by mitigating overheating issues, with reported temperature reductions of up to 17.6ºC.


In conclusion, the landscape of laptop cooling is evolving, with external liquid cooling emerging as a viable option for those seeking optimal thermal performance. While compatibility remains a key consideration, alternatives like passive and active cooling stands, coupled with suction cooling solutions, cater to a broader range of laptops. Whether through cutting-edge technology or traditional methods, achieving efficient laptop cooling is essential for sustaining peak performance and prolonging the lifespan of these high-performance devices.

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