Comprehensive Guide to APA Style Book References: Print and Ebooks (2023)

In the world of academic writing and research, proper citation is paramount. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of referencing books in APA style, encompassing both print and ebooks. Understanding the nuances of APA style is crucial for researchers, scholars, and students alike, ensuring that their work meets the highest standards of citation.

1. Whole Authored Book

When citing a whole authored book, such as "The Psychology of Prejudice: From Attitudes to Social Action" by L. M. Jackson (2019), the format is standardized. Include the author, year of publication, title, and publisher. For ebooks with a DOI, append the DOI after the publisher's name. If the ebook lacks a DOI but has a stable URL, include that in the reference. Parenthetical citations should follow the format (Author, Year), and in narratives, use the author's name and year.

2. Whole Edited Book

In cases where an entire book is edited, as seen in "Microaggression Theory: Influence and Implications" edited by G. C. Torino, D. P. Rivera, C. M. Capodilupo, K. L. Nadal, and D. W. Sue (2019), the citation approach is slightly different. Use (Ed.) for a single editor and (Eds.) for multiple editors. The rules for DOIs and stable URLs remain consistent.

3. Republished Book with Editor

When a book is republished with an editor, like "Conditioned Emotional Reactions: The Case of Little Albert" edited by D. Webb (2013), it's crucial to highlight the original publication year in parentheses after the words "Original work published." This nuanced approach ensures accurate referencing.

4. Book with New Foreword

In instances where a new foreword is added by another author, like in the 50th-anniversary edition of "On Death & Dying" by E. Kübler-Ross with a foreword by I. Byock (2014), ensure the main author is cited first. For in-text citations of the foreword, include the author of that part along with the main author.

5. Several Volumes of a Multivolume Work

For multivolume works, such as "APA Educational Psychology Handbook" edited by K. R. Harris, S. Graham, and T. Urdan (2012), provide the names of the editor(s)-in-chief. Consistency in citation enhances the clarity of references.


Mastering APA style for book references is indispensable for scholarly communication. Whether dealing with whole authored or edited books, republished works, those with new forewords, or multivolume editions, precision is key. This guide serves as your compass, ensuring your citations align with the rigorous standards of APA style, contributing to the credibility and professionalism of your academic work.

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