Comprehensive Guide: Citing Books in APA Format for Stellar Academic Writing (2023)


In the realm of academic writing, proper citation is the bedrock of credibility. Mastering the art of citing books in APA format is indispensable for producing high-quality research papers. This comprehensive guide will delve into the intricacies of APA book citations, covering standard book citations, in-text parenthetical citations, in-text narrative citations, e-book citations, textbook citations, and even how to cite the Bible in APA format.

Standard Book Citation in APA Format

Crafting an impeccable APA book citation involves attention to detail. Begin with the author's last name, followed by the author's initials, separated by a comma. The publication date is enclosed in parentheses, succeeded by the book title in italics, written in sentence case. Lastly, the publisher's name completes the citation.

Example: Cialdini, R. (2021). Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. Harper Business.

In-Text Parenthetical Citation

Efficiently incorporating in-text parenthetical citations is crucial for seamless integration of sources. Include the author's last name and the publication date within parentheses, separated by a comma.

Example: (Cialdini, 2021)

In-Text Narrative Citation

When seamlessly integrating a book into the narrative, employ the author's last name followed by the publication date in parentheses.

Example: Cialdini (2021) elucidates...

Citing an E-Book in APA Format

The digital landscape introduces nuances to book citation. If an e-book possesses a URL or DOI, follow the standard book citation format. However, distinctly include the active link after the publisher's name.

Example: Ebbinghaus, H. (1908). Psychology: An Elementary Text-Book (Meyer, M. F., trans.). D. C. Heath. EPUB.

Textbook Citation in APA Format

Textbooks, often multi-authored, demand a nuanced approach. Maintain the author format, but separate authors with commas and use an ampersand before the last author's surname. Note the edition in italics after the title.

Example: Marieb, E., & Keller, S. (2018). Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology (12th ed.). Pearson.

In-Text Citations for Textbooks with Multiple Authors

Efficiently incorporate parenthetical and narrative citations for textbooks with multiple authors.

Parenthetical Example (Two Authors): (Marieb & Keller, 2018)

Narrative Example (Three or More Authors): Marieb et al. (2018) offer insights...

Citing the Bible in APA Format

Religious texts, like the Bible, necessitate specialized APA citation. Include the Bible version in italics, the original publication date, and, if applicable, a URL.

Example: The Holy Bible: King James Version (2018). (Doré, G., Illus.). Barnes & Noble. (Original work published in 1611).

In-Text Parenthetical Citation: (The Holy Bible: King James Version, 1611/2018)


Mastering APA book citation is a hallmark of scholarly prowess. This guide equips you to navigate the complexities of citing various types of books, ensuring your academic writing stands out for its precision and adherence to established standards. Elevate your research papers by implementing these meticulous citation practices.

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