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The first room seen whenever someone enters a house is mostly living room. It is indeed like a display of the house shown to those who visit. Bravely concluded, living room is the face of the dwellers inside the house. It’s definitely understandable when people want to spend a great investment in shaping their living room. But before you come up with the idea of planning and executing your living room, here are a few basic aspects you should consider one step earlier before deciding what living room design you would like to have.

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  1. Functionality

Please bear in mind that having an outstanding living room is not what comes first. On hand function, it is. For example in a house lived by a family with children roaming around, you would need a little bit spacey living room combined with less fragile decoration and accessories.

  1. Determine interior design style

After considering its functionality, determining the living room interior design style is what comes next. Several types of styles can be chosen, from traditional to contemporary, form Asian to west coast, and so on. And since interior design is the leading aspect, everything next will follow once you’ve decided.

  1. Invest in good seating

Sofa or armchair is the top most priority in list of living room furniture. Without it, you cannot pretty much call a room ‘living room’. Choose it thoughtfully by determining the size, color, and model also.

  1. Add on and decors

These are also important: decorations! Consider the type of furniture, greenery, and things to cast the balance of your living room. There are indeed decorations which may catch your attention, but remember not all of them are matching with your living room’s design.

Points 1 until 4 give you the standard rule of things to be considered thoroughly before executing your plan of designing the living room. Once you’ve set your mind to one particular style, it is advised to stick with the initial plan until the end and avoid changes since it may cause different outcome from you originally have in mind.

After considering the functionality, interior design style, seating, as well as add on and decorations, here are the types of living room styles you can choose from.

  1. Traditional Living Room Theme

Architectural additions are what shown in traditional living room designs. They pay so many attentions and also consistency in details as their main elements, such as line, color, space, texture, and shape. Traditional styles cover the factors from other designs, too.

Detailed shaping and tilted wood paneling are often seen in these living room styles. There are also subtlety on their tile and wood floor model, and also dignified trim and moldings. On each ends, stand arches, lanes, and cabinetry which built in spot.

Sofas found in traditional kinds of living room are extravagant overstuffed ones with pillows which has soft accent. The sofa edges are soft and curved, while its textiles are cozy and welcoming. Framed decorations on the wall, which have warm color palette, as well as marvelous fabric curtain, are also frequently presented. The furniture pieces and accents are always come in pairs.

  1. Contemporary Living Room

Contemporary living rooms are often mistaken as modern ones. Whereas the fact about the two of them is being described in what time they were created. Contemporary design was made currently enough to fit in with the trend of the era, while modern style was designed in 1920s. By definition, contemporary is happening right on present time and will still pass through changes from time to time.

Therefore, this kind of living room style is flexible. It has the combination of all types: traditional, modern, and rustic designs blend together. Yet contemporary is wider, brighter, and lighter version of traditional style. Dark and warm colors traditional has, contemporary have them in brighter and more crucial highlights. While the floor of traditional design is coated, contemporary has it bare. Complete and heavy furniture are often found in traditional living room while on the contrary simple and light furniture are things that best describe what contemporary living rooms are. That is why the latter have free moving space, starting from extra wide windows, built-in storage and cabinetry. Contemporary also shifts curving and molding traditional originally has into an unpretentious and plain line and shapes on the counter, and softens the curves.

To be concluded, contemporary living room types are the form of boosted masterpiece borrowed from other designs that reverse in architectural mean.

  1. West Coast Contemporary

A style which has a combination of several designs like classic and modern is called west coast contemporary. Classic combined with modern kind of style use West Coast local materials, which is where the style name was derived.

Huge windows and grand entrances are surely what welcoming guests in a living room with such a type. Then inside the room, fireplaces made from stone seated warmly. One example of being a West Coast Contemporary designed living room with a touch of traditional furniture and sofa sets is heavy timber exposed on large windows and cathedral ceiling as well as the stone fireplace. And by other elements such as exposed heavy timber structure, wood finishes, as well as designs corresponding to the site, you definitely could characterize some particular west coast contemporary living room.

  1. Modern Living Room

Modern living rooms are often mistaken to share similar description as the ones with contemporary designs. Modern style was created in the 19th century, unlike contemporary which concept is following what popular in present time. Therefore, modern has fixed design while contemporary undergoes changing from time to time.

Living rooms with modern concept are known for their simple yet momentous design inside, for example oversized tiles with rectified edges as well as wall bookcases and shelves pullouts. But they have no vases, no excess throw pillows, and no rugs which lead the living room to clutter free. Modern concept uses sanded wood floors that minimize the grain. Their floor plans are open with few walls, so you could certainly tell apart modern living rooms from the others by looking at their lack of moldings trimming windows, doors, and walls, which is believed to be the most calming and free-spirited design among others.

Furniture made from metal and use bold accent colors can be found in modern living rooms as the two are their special characteristics. They also use clean straight lines and it can be seen in their furnishings.

  1. Mid Century Living Room

Mid century living rooms are recognized through their using of simple clean lines furnishings. They also take geometric design for décor items and fabric, such as graphic pattern with pattern and texture or geometric style for wall art. It is what calls for a lot of attention from mid century design.

What you could see in a whole package of these living rooms are the cleanliness they have for most of the time and clutter free, you can tuck the cabinets in the wall for example. Things that lead them into such conditions are probably their furniture that made of wood and wooden trim, mostly made of teak. One example of being mid century living room is no other center pieces added aside from single table.

  1. Cottage Living Room

Cottages often referred to small houses placed in soothing and calming airy area. Thus cottage living rooms have similar vibe. They use cottage-style interiors inside, but more of vintage looking. By cottage-style interiors I mean are really the interiors you could find in a cottage: sleeping area and storage that are built on the spot. Cottage living rooms utilize few nooks and alcoves for it. Therefore, living rooms with cottage style are good in building your intimacy with your spouse and even with the whole family.

One example that you can apply to have sleeping area in the living room is place a cozy and extra soft couch and sofa, there you can sleep with put your feet up.

  1. Cabin Living Room Design

If you are a naturalist, you should seriously consider applying cabin design to your living room, because cabin living room design is often said to be the mountain house design which basically composed of wood and stones. Calls for all naturalists, doesn’t it? We know cabin or log cabin is, rugged, dusty, yet authentic in style. However, this type has nothing whatsoever related to any contemporary one in terms of furnishing. It only simply manages nature naturally into it. For example a bamboo center table and a few plants in pots and hanging planter.

Well, to say that cabin living rooms are the nature itself I guess not an overstatement. Its fireplace is made from brick stone; its fence from timber, its plaster uses stone, there are wide planks on its floors, what is more natural than this? Along with the components of this living room, the paintings used as decorations in cabin design are somewhat warm and have natural shade. Dark printed curtains are advised to be used in order to cast a balance in cabin styles as well as soft rugs. Lastly, complete the look with vintage furnishing elements and then you have it: one kind of living room that is so nature inspired.

  1. Chalet

Chalet is a small villa in the mountain. To have a living room in chalet style means to prepare a design in such a way that reflects an alpine lifestyle. It has the vibe and beautiful design either of traditional or modern one, and uses lots and lots of wooden elements.

Do not raise your hope up to see such living room in tropical countries like Indonesia, because chalet mainly found in countries with colder climate wherein fireplace exists in every single household, works perfectly in providing warmth during cold seasons. And because of that, chalet design used in living rooms frequently has warm tones and covering in most of the furnishing. Lamps and candles also can be found in this design to complete the warm atmosphere.

Colors played in the decorations of chalet design casually have deep and rich shades or mostly the combination of red and green. And it sometimes has the mix of neutral creams and soft grays.

Quick tips to have a stylish chalet living room:

  • Use natural colors with warming ambience like honey, beige, and oak.
  • Install candles and essential oils that resemble the fresh and pure scent of the mountains.
  • Use faux furs as throws above the sofas.
  • Contrasting different textures of your living room.
  • Refresh the space with white lights.
  • Hang framed wooden black and white picture
  • Cover your pillows with printed animal photographs on your sofa and armchairs.
  • Put large wooden table in the middle of the room
  • Mix and match your old furniture with the new accessories or vise versa
  1. Mediterranean Living Room

Living room style that blends southern coast of Europe’s romance and profusion of fragrance, tastes, and colors all at once is called Mediterranean living room. It uses rustic furniture, large and dark wooden ceiling beam, as well as terracotta tiles, rough-cut stone and pine wood, all in vibrant and earthy colors. The wall is designed in textures and Mediterranean type is inspired by nature, too.

You can also give a modern touch in Mediterranean design by giving contrast of the wooden beams and ceiling to the neutral color of the wall and flooring.

  1. Asian

Asian living room style has the atmosphere that inspired by zen-like things. It unites the calmness and peacefulness in its design. Most of it is a blend of Japanese, Chinese, and even Indian. Floral motives, usually orchids, can be spotted in Asian style. Natural material as well as clean and simple lines are generally used in wall art and furniture. And it provides low table for tea session also, definitely must have item in Asian living room design.

One example to have the touch of Asian visible is to hang a textured wall art right above a desk made of walnut, while the low table for tea session rests in the center of the room.

Quick tips to create your own Asian style living room decoration:

  • Use natural colors such as red, beige, cream, brown, and black
  • Use less furnishings and accessories to keep minimal approach
  • Decorate your room with some freshness from live plants like bamboo, cherry blossoms, bonsai, or another Asian plants
  • Hang wall decorations such as animal paintings and a scroll of ink drawings
  1. Country Style Living Room

A style of living room that matches with mostly American folklore or French rural lives is called country. What symbolize the theme itself are handmade textiles and original material which recall us to the American old days and culture in farming. Country style living room uses simple accents and cheerful colors.

  1. Craftsman

Craftsman design was inspired especially by the Green brothers in the 20th century while the Green brothers inspired by English art, the crafts movement, and oriental wooden architecture. The inspirations lead craftsman designs to have a cottage-like feel and may even seem rough in some components. Some furnish that can be spotted in craftsman design interior are mostly made of wood: wooden furniture, hardwood floors, fireplace with wood and stone, as well as exposed beams that include dark and warm wood elements. Those should be in rich wood trims. Craftsmen design also popular with its hand-made furniture and accessories.

  1. Industrial

Industrial living room is the most honest of all living room design. Because industrial is the only design that conceitedly shows its raw and unfinished view while others try to cover the material of the building a lot mostly by colorfully paint them. Industrial living rooms have the looks of raw steel with exposed brick elements, copper-tone décor, rustic wood pieces, unique non-functional pieces, and muted shades of browns and grays.

A living room should at least have one of the following to be successfully classified as industrial: exposed pipes and ducts, wood and metal surfaces, or vintage furniture and accessories. It is advised to have the three of them in your industrial living room, but having only at least one, bear the same value.

Quick tips to transform your living room with these industrial style details:

  • Have some parts that expose the materials you use, for example bricks on the walls, timber trusses, and columns made of steel
  • Use rustic metals for your interiors
  • Mix and match the styles of modern and industrial
  • Use artwork to express creativity
  1. Scandinavian Living Room

Created in the 1930s, Scandinavian design is owned by modernism. It is all about simplicity and functionality of forms. Scandinavian living room is as nature inspired as cabin living room design. It is often seen through its abstract and natural shapes of the furnishings.

Scan living room with Scandinavian looks thoroughly, and then you will find that it protrudes uniqueness as it uses antique Scandinavian furniture, has addiction to sauna, and puts fireplace in the corner. While with colors, Scandinavian design plays with neutral tones and light and touches the wood floors with white. It also uses eco friendly interiors. And give frame to your wall decorations, it surely enhances the look of your living room.

Quick tips for creating a Scandinavian interior:

  • Prefer wooden light floor in all rooms apart from the bathroom.
  • Apply white on the walls, and grey and blue for textiles in order to giving the right nuance of a Scandinavian interior.
  • Be brave to use wood and combine it with walls and ceilings to go for texture and warmth
  • Place the fireplace on the corner.
  • Be eco-friendly like truly Scandinavians.
  1. Southwestern Living Room

Southwestern living room design is an infusion of both Native American and Spanish styles. It is ethnical and is known to be very lustful and impressive.

Southwestern style works perfectly with bold and bright colors, seen in light colored wood floor. It uses furniture and accessories that made of woods like oak, maple, or pine. Southwestern design also turns metal details like wrought iron to account. The walls that complete the southwestern looks are made of stone or brick. While it takes decorations like candles, flowers, animal skins, mosaic tiles, and pottery greatly.

  1. Victorian Living Room

Living room in Victorian looks of course reaches its name during the Victorian Era. It is well known for having extravagance in ornaments such as wallpapers and paints which soften and subdued the color tones. Victorian design also love to plays with pattern, looked through parquet flooring with patterned carpet as well as fabrics in silk and floral print. It uses lighting with several lamps like tiffany lamps. This design has the touch of marble and utilizes the function of mantelpieces and fireplaces, too. And complete the view with soft furnishings and decorations like picture frames, vases, lace, and button back chairs.

Quick tips on how you could create a Victorian living room design. Here is the list.

  • Choose furniture which has floral wooden carved with additional rich fabrics.
  • Use dark colors and variant tones to get the look of Victorian.
  • Apply complicated windows accessories like swags, soft curtains, and tiebacks.
  • Make decorations on your walls with decorative layering, ornaments, plasterwork, and curves for your walls.
  • Choose Victorian flooring that is usually high patterned, including carpets. Combine with the furniture and the wall so that the three of them make a good harmonization.
  • Install accessories that are classic but classy, such as portraits of your family predecessors, a bowl filled with fruits, candles, and flowers in a pot.
  • Apply numerous amount of fabric on any furniture you could, even on wallpaper.
  • Utilize colored glass and fireplace made of stone.

There, the 17 main living room designs you can choose from. Do not forget what we discuss earlier in the very beginning about the functionality, interior design styles, seating, as well as add-ons and decorations. Those four aspects played very important roles. So what are you waiting for? Pick one, plan it thoroughly, and execute it nicely.

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